Florence Makena

Msc Human Resource Management, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture &Technology


Dr .Jane Mucheke Ng’ethe

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


Dr. David Kiarie Mburu

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology



CITATION: Makena, F., Ng’ethe, M., J., Mburu, K., D. (2016). Influence of Promotion on Human Capital Mobility in Public Secondary Schools in Nairobi County. International Journal of Human Resource and Procurement. Vol. 5(5). PP 151-166.




Employee turnover (mobility) is critical in organizations and one of the predictors is the type of types of employee rewards. High employee turnover is a common occurrence in the teaching profession in Kenya. The objective of the study was to establish influence of employee reward practices on human capital mobility of teachers in public secondary schools in Nairobi County. Poor remuneration and lack of good types of employee rewards for teachers has often been given as a cause of low morale among teachers and their main reason for leaving the profession. The specific objectives of the study were to establish the role of salary, recognition, incentives and promotion on secondary school teacher mobility in Nairobi County. The study was conducted using descriptive design. The total population of teachers employed by T.S.C was 1899 in Nairobi County .Through stratified random sampling, 189 employees were sampled. Data was collected using questionnaires with open-ended and closed ended questions and was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences V.21 (SPSS).Inferential statistics such as correlation and regression were used to show the relationship between the dependent and independent variables whereas regression analysis was used to measure the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable. The study established that salary, recognition, incentives and promotion are significant and positively related to employee mobility. It established that teacher reward practices are not motivating enough to retain teachers in the profession .The study recommended that there is need to address teachers’ salary to be in line with other employees of similar academic qualifications in other sectors.

Key Words: Promotion, Recognition, Incentives, Employee Reward, Salary

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