Nancy Kaura Mwongera

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology



Dr Gladys Rotich

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


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CITATION: Mwongera, K., N., Rotich, C., G., (2016). Factors Affecting Diaspora Remittances on Kenya’s Economic Performance. International Journal of Strategic Management. Vol 5. (4). pp 72– 91.



The objective of this study was to establish the factors that affect Diaspora remittances on economic performance in Kenya, case Dahabshiil International, Lonrho House, Nairobi. The study aimed to establishing the factors affecting Diaspora remittances on a country’s economic performance focusing on determination of influence of ICT security systems on economic performance. This study adopted a descriptive research design. The study targeted employees of the Dahabshiil that is ICT systems security officials, cashiers, and computer systems officials. The employees constituted the target population. The population was classified into various strata, that is, departments from which a sample of forty three (43) was drawn using simple random sampling method. The study used both primary data and secondary data. Primary data was collected using questionnaires which were administered using drop and pick method. Secondary data was collected from periodical Central Bank of Kenya annual reports. Data was analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics included those of the mean and standard deviation while inferential statistics involved use of ANOVA and multivariate regression analysis. The regression output was obtained using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 18). The study found out that ICT security influence financial transactions, Internet Banking via the e-mail posed a great threat to banking and financial transactions due to theft, fraud, hacking of emails, existing consumer protection policies and regulation on the use of ICT systems and level of customer perception and awareness of ICT security systems had the significant influence on diaspora remittance. ICT systems security significantly influenced economic performance (r2= 82.4%). In conclusion, the study concludes that the proposed framework of the study was able to demonstrate significant explanatory power and therefore Diaspora remittances on economic performance in Kenya, case Dahabshiil International could be forecasted ICT systems security.

Keywords: Systems security; Customer Perception; Secure Financial Transactions; Consumer Protection Policies; Communication; Economic Performance



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