Abdikarim Ibrahim Abdow

PhD Student, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

P.o box 1106-70100, Garissa.


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CITATION: Abdow, A.I. (2015). Impact of Terrorism in the Business of the Developing Countries the Case of Kenya. International journal of Human Resource and Entrepreneurship 4 (4), 56-71.


The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of terrorism in the business of the developing countries the case of Kenya. The researcher employed descriptive survey analysis using both qualitative and quantitative approach. Sample population of 100 respondents was selected through cluster sampling comprising of the trade Ministry. The validity of the questionnaires was ascertained by reviewing the questionnaires. The questionnaires were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics and presented in form of tables, and graphs. It was concluded that the effects of terrorism have an adverse effect on the economy of that country as seen with Kenya such as deaths of dozens of people, destruction of properties paralyzing and economic activities in the country. The situation is made worse by the travel advisories that ensues such attacks which makes tourists to opt for other secure destinations. Majority of the respondents indicated that the cost of doing business had gone up due to the need to improve security measures. The attacks also reduced the staff productivity due to fear of attacks and uncertainty of job security thus compromising their ability to provide for their families. The study recommended that there is need for policy shifts to enable the security arms to pay greater attention to security matters to boost business confidence and also to avoid unnecessary travel advisories; there is a need to improve business strategies and also to lobby the Government to re-focus on the security issue to make the country more competitive and marketable and the policy in the management of security systems should be enforced.

Keywords: terrorism, developing countries, business, business strategies and security systems.

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