Okwori Adoyi John Msc

Nigeria Institute of Transport Technology



CITATION: Okwori, A., J. (2018). Modes of Transportation and Coordination Benefits. International Journals of Strategic Management. Vol. 7 (4) pp 119 – 136.




Over the years, methods of movement of passengers, goods and services has been an activity that has evolved constantly through innovation and research to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of users of these services especially as it relates to the supply chain process. The use of multi modal system of transportation requires strategic coordination to ensure the desired results are achieved. This article will look into the various modes of transportation and establish the benefits of their coordination as an integral step towards further improving the service. Transportation coordination can reduce transportation program costs and time by clustering passengers and goods, utilizing fewer one-way trips, and sharing the use of transportation personnel, equipment, and facilities. In addition, people in need of transportation often benefit from the greater and higher quality transportation services available when transportation providers coordinate their operations.


Key terms: Modes of transportation, strategic coordination and coordination benefits


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